Nicky Dowd

Artist in Residence

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STUMPA is a little struggling sapling tree who is different from her friends.

 When she finds herself abandoned on a hillside in Ireland she is very lonely until some children come and save her. 

With the help of Robin and all the other forest animals she grows to be the tallest, happiest tree in the garden, which does not go unnoticed by someone very special.

A Happy Christmas  story with an environmental and social message.

Recommended by the director of the  MAYO EDUCATION AUTHORITY 

Available during the Christmas season from the list below and all year around from my webstore.

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Imaginatively written by Nicky Dowd and beautifully ilustrated by internationally acclaimed illustrator Winnie O'Brien. This book has been endorsed by respected leaders in education and was featured as part of the WESTPORT HOUSE : WINTER WONDERLAND EXPERIENCE 2017.  

Nicky’s connection with Nature and her concern for the environment lead her to write the book. Her research engaged her with Schools,Gnó Mhaigh Eo, Coillte, Leave No Trace, Irish Tree Council, forestry trackers, local poets and musicians !

Her message is: Consider buying a live tree rooted in a pot at Christmas or any time of year.

Plant it and help bring life back into your garden and maybe a Robin will come and nest in your tree just like he did in Stumpa’s branches.