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Recycled Wreath

Look out for cheap basic wreath rings in Supermarkets.Lidlyl /Aldi/ Wilkinsons.I bought this last year in T K Max 4.99.

Why is it when you unpack the decorations you were sure you put away tidily last year they seem to have had a party in the cupboard.Lights don't work, transformers have gone walkabout and headless, threadless baubles abound  -do not despair -reach for the glue gun. If you haven't go one- ask Santa.You won't know what you did without one once you discover their quick fix ability for numerous situations!!!.glue gun on baubles and hang some on wires. Add a bow and rip the ivy off some strangled wall or tree,wind around and wire to nail on door.Tadarrrr.Have fun 

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