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Desert serving suggestion

Here's a glamorous spin on the banana ice cream desert and if it wasn't easy I wouldn't show you.

Lay out a piece of grease proof paper .

Heat 100 g sugar in a small frying pan,watch it until it starts to melt around the edges it should take about a minute. Take it off the heat and gently tilitling the pan swirl it around to help it mix in .You want to stop it from catching and burning so keep moving the pan around but avoid stirring with a wooden spoon until it is nearly all melted. Stir it gently back on the heat until it is all a golden toffee brown and the crunchy crystals of sugar have gone.Leave it for about a minute to cool .DONT touch it it is really hot .Move the pan near your grease proof paper and dip a fork in the toffee .Make swirls or criss crosses on the grease proof .In 2 minutes you will be able to pick them up and pop them in your desert to make Caramel sails.Sprinkle a little salt over them for that salted caramel taste. If it sets in the pan too quickly put it back on the heat for 30 secs.

This is the banana ice cream with a shot of Tia Maria or espresso coffee and almonds.Very inexpensive but great combo of flavours .Have fun 

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